A downloadable game for Windows

Fight the cursed costumes off of the captured cosplayers! The annual Cosplay-Con has been attacked by an evil witch and you've been dispatched with your partner, Faye, to handle it!

The NSFW hit that's sweeped Newgrounds finally hits Itch.io! You can play past versions at our Newgrounds page, or get bonus versions, content and art at our Patreon!


Con-QuestVersion(0.11)winPublic.exe 180 MB
Version 4 Mar 12, 2019


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I remember this I thought was dead



How do i open the file?I download it, click it and it opens an empty adobe flash player window.If i drag it onto the browser - it just downloads the file again.What?


Plz make an android version of the game. I love the game but i don't always have my computer around so it would be handy to have a android version of the game. Plus it would make the game more popular. 

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This is one of the funniest games i've played in a long time. I love how almost beliavable situations begins and quickly escalates to insanity!

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A 100% complete run for (0.11)  :



you don't understand how thankful i am for this, I 100% the game as well but lost all of my save data somehow and I was so scared bro


happy to help :)

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Is there a Linux version?

No, but the game runs perfectly under wine

How do you use wine i tried to but i dont know how it works? 


Authors can try the Android version, which I believe will make it more popular.

I can't find the distributor for the nurse anywhere


erm, how exactly do i play the game? i download the game and run the application and it just opens up "adobe flash player 26"

Try dragging the file on your desktop then launching it. 

first of all, thanks. But second, how does that help? it did work but it doesn't seem like a thing that would affect anything

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I tried doing that but it didn't work. This is what I did:

  1. Go to the Newgrounds page for the newest version.
  2. Go to developer mode (F12) and search ".swf"
  3. The link will have "uploads.ungrounded.net" at the start and ".swf" before the "?" and a series of numbers at the end.
  4. open the link, right click the page and save.

The file doesn't seem to work with Firefox, but it works fine with Internet Explorer. Probably due to how outdated Explorer is lol.

I'd put the link here, but I think it'd look malicious if I did.

To run .swf files I downloaded swiff, it’s real easy

Some images, like Vanilla, are low-res for some reason (maybe limitations on the original implementation)


when i go to see phoebe for the first time the screen glitches out and i cant leave if anyone can help please leave a comment

I love your game, it's amazing i'm lvl 102 actually but i'm blocked at the part when you need to find links between the nurse and other ppl, where can i find help please ? :(

This download version is pretty glitchy for me. 
If i damage someone the screen just moves over to the right and i cant do anything anymore. I fixed it by disabling zoom in effects. But now the same thing happens with the rewards you get. But it seems to only happen if you make the game window screen filling

great game finished this version.

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Seems like the save button broke after the court trial.... not that I've played the game that llong I just.... heard it from.... alright yes I've played this for a few hours so what! 

But seriously it looks like the save button isn't responding to clicks after the trials. (EDIT) also I've noticed the spooky coin machine just takes all of your coins now without giving stickers and just gives you the default prompt as if you have zero spooky coins in your inventory. I'm going to load an old save and see if this is persistant. (shit that means I have to go free Jaclyn again)